welcome to stuart coaching!

1. Complete Athlete Questionnaire

Selecting the appropriate link below will take you to an Adobe form where you can complete the athlete questionnaire. Please take your time and be as specific as possible so I can make your training plan work best for you!  Select the discipline that we will be focusing on most. If you are a runner or swimmer, please complete the triathlon form and skip any irrelevant sections.

Click START on the right-hand side to submit the form.  A copy will be emailed to you and me.

2. Sign Contract and Liability Waiver

Selecting the link below will take you to a form where you can review and sign the contract and liability waiver. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Click START on the right-hand side to submit the form. You will receive a copy via email.

3. Pay Deposit

Once you have settled on a coaching plan, you will receive an invoice from Stuart Coaching. This serves as your deposit as well as your first month’s payment for coaching. This deposit is non-refundable. Future invoices will arrive on the 1st of the month, and you can set up a recurring payment at that time. If you’d prefer not to set up a recurring payment, you will be invoiced monthly and can pay by any method that works best for you.

4. Connect on TrainingPeaks

STEP 1. Create and Link the Account
Click here to connect with Stuart Coaching on Training Peaks

STEP 2. Connect Training Device
Sync your training device(s) with TrainingPeaks. Most devices can be synced ing the settings in your account under “manage devices”.  Please pull in past training sessions to help me understand where you are currently at with your training.

For your completed workouts, I will be looking at a variety of metrics, so please be sure that at a minimum overall
time, pace/speed, heart rate and cadence fields are active on your device. Please make sure to wear your device for all training sessions. 

STEP 3. Get the Mobile App
The TrainingPeaks app makes it easy for you to check on workout information, as well as current and past stats on-the-go. The app also creates the ability to automatically upload training data quickly and seamlessly.  You can find the app in Google Play store or the Apple Store.

I will say, the desktop is more user-friendly and the best spot to go to view and move sessions and to update your availability(which you can get started with NOW – click to learn how)

This video will give you a good look at how TrainingPeaks works.