Endurance Coaching

Stuart Coaching offers individualized triathlon, running and cycling coaching programs for athletes of all levels ranging from elite performers to non-competitive beginners.

Our customized programs use periodization training built around the athlete’s lifestyle and family commitments.  


Customized, individual coaching is the cornerstone of our apporach. Your coach is easy to reach, and our hands-on, personal communication with athletes is well beyond what other coaching services offer.    


We place a strong emphasis on best teaching practices and athletic priciples. Individualized training sessions, based on power or heart rate, allow athletes of all abilities to maximize performance potential. 


Our relationships with trusted local partners, such as BIKED for bike service, and PT Sports Pro for strength and mobility training and performance testing

Check out our other partners here. 


1-on-1 coaching offers a fluid training program for athletes looking for a plan that meets their life’s schedule. We partner in your athletic journey, allowing your coach to best understand your needs to develop a fully customized training plan for you. 

All athletes that work with Stuart Coaching can expect the following: 


Premium 1-ON-1 Coaching


A complete coaching package with support and feedback provided virtually.

Ultimate 1-ON-1 Coaching


A more personal, in-depth approach that includes two 1-on-1 sessions each month



An annual training plan provides an outline for your season, and daily custom programming gives you the guidance and confidence to achieve your goals.


Your coach is invested in your success. With regular communication and training review, we help you stay disciplined and focused on your goals, no matter what life throws your way.

Communication and Easy Access

We have got your back! When you have questions, we know you can't wait long for answers. Your coach will do their best to quickly respond to your questions by email or phone.

Scheduling Flexibility

When life gets crazy, we offer guidance for training and schedule changes and alternative plans to keep you on track with your goals.

Find your Balance, Crush your Goals, Enjoy the Journey

Science-backed endurance coaching is a click away.