A training plan from Stuart Coaching is an excellent option for the self-sufficient, goal-oriented athlete that enjoys structured training.

Take the guesswork out of your training with a well-prepared plan, a clear focus for every workout, suggestions to modify workouts, performance testing and clarity on how to prepare for your upcoming event. 


Pre-Built Training Plan

TrainingPeaks is a platform for building, analyzing and selling training plans, with tools that allow certified coaches to offer more than a cookie-cutter plan. Field testing and structured workouts allow your training intensity to adapt to your fitness level.  This is your most economical option for accessing a science-based plan from Stuart Coaching. 


Custom Built Training Plans

If you’d like a plan customized to your fitness and lifestyle we can do that too! 

This plan is great for an athlete who wants to take the guesswork out of their training but doesn’t need a high level of coach involvement or accountability. 

It’s also an excellent off-season approach.

Our Process


Complete our athlete questionnaire, so we can learn about your fitness history, injury risk, endurance goals, and upcoming schedule. 


We build a custom plan for you using science-based periodized training, that takes into account your goals, fitness, lifestyle, and family/work/travel schedule. 


We will send you your custom plan via TrainingPeaks within 3 weeks.

FAQ: Custom Training Plans

What if I have questions?

Your plan will kick off with a meeting with your coach to explain the nuts and bolts and make any final changes. Coach Kari will be available by email for quick questions. For more in depth conversation, you can schedule an athlete consult. Cutom Training Plan atheltes will receive priority scheduling and a 50% discount on consultations. 

Will my plan take into account my work, family and travel schedule?

Absolutely! That is a big part of what makes it custom! Be very specific in your athlete questionnaire, so we can make adaptations to your plan for upcoming travel or other obligations. Your custom plan is build to work with your life! 

I don't have a power meter. How will I know how hard to work?

This is the beauty of a custom plan! RPE, Watts or Heart Rate – we will create a plan that work for you. For example, if you have a power meter, your plan will include ftp testing and workout intensities prescribed in watts. If you do not have a power meter but do have a heartrate monitor, we will do a heart rate test and session intensities will be prescribed by heart rate zones. If you do not own a heart rate monitor or power meter – that’s okay! We can use rate of perceived exertion (RPE) for you. This is all stuff you’ll need to include in your athlete questionaire!

For swimming intensity, you will do a CSS test and for running, you’ll do a heart rate test and we can prescribe your workouts based on heartrate or pace.    

What types of plans and distances are included?

We have years of experience building plans for triathlon, trail and road running, road and gravel cycling, adventure racing, strength training for athletes, snowshoe racing and more. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced masters athlete, a postpardum athlete or post-menopause and looking to maintain strength and endurance, your plan will be custom to you and your needs.  All plans will also be adapted to the distance of your event – this truly is a custom plan. We will research your event and build you a plan that suits your course and conditions.

While we do have a wide variety of experience, if your event or circumstances fall out of our scope of expertise, we will be upfront about that before we start on the plan and issue a full refund. 

What is the cost for a custom plan?

Custom plans are on a sliding scale based on the duration of your plan. For a triathlon plan (3-disciplines) with strength and mobility, the cost is $200 for a 4-week plan ($50/week) to $750 for a 30-week plan ($25/week).  A single-discipline plan (run/bike/swim only) starts at $100 for 4 weeks ($25/week) to $250 for 16 weeks (~$15/week).  

What if I need to push back the date of my event?

Once you purchase a plan it is yours to keep and use as many times as you’d like! 

Find your Balance, Crush your Goals, Enjoy the Journey

Science-backed training plans are a click away.