1-on-1  Coaching

Individualized triathlon, running and gravel or road cycling coaching programs for athletes of all levels; ranging from elite performers to non-competitive beginners.


Personal and science-backed instruction allows athletes to safely enhance their performance and better themselves inside and out, while maintaining focus on their performance goals!

Training Plans

Stuart Coaching offers structured and progressive training plans through the Training Peaks platform, with mobile access and daily email reminders of workouts.

I am a mom, wife, coach, runner, triathlete and all-around lover of life! I like to dabble in random outdoor adventures and balance my endurance goals with being mom to 3 busy kids from toddler to teen, and wife to my equally adventurous best friend, Ben.

There is no shortage of online endurance advice. It’s hard to filter through the fads and focus on what works!

As an experienced and educated coach, I will provide you with a personalized, science-based training program that fits your current fitness and experience. You can also expect nutrition advice, workout assistance, motivation, and race strategy.

Your plan will align with your goals and lifestyle, and be fluid enough so you can hit your performance targets without missing out on life.


why hire a coach?

Hiring an endurance coach is a big decision. It is a financial investment, and also a commitment to a training process and philosophy that may be new. 

While it may feel like a luxury, there are benefits to working with a trained professional.  Here’s what I offer my athletes: 

Find your Balance, Crush your Goals, Enjoy the Journey

Science-backed endurance coaching is a click away.