frequently asked questions

What sports do you coach?

I have worked with athletes competing in many different endurance sports but I specialize in long-course triathlon, strength training, and female physiology.  I have coached athletes for gravel bike races, adventure races, snowshoe races, 5k runs to 100 mile ultra trail runs, sprint triathlons to off-road full distance triathlons, mountain bike adventures and multi-day road bike events.  I work with quite a few masters athletes, have worked with plenty of beginners and I also have a few athletes who compete in world championship events! My goal is to find out what support you need, and provide that to you!   

Do you coach beginners?

Absolutely! I love working with beginners, and I believe I have a knack for understandably explaining things for all levels. 

Do you coach in person

Yes and no. Coaching is done mostly virtually, therefore you can be located anywhere in the world.  Workouts are facilitated through the TrainingPeaks platform, virtual calls and unlimited text and email.  But I do enjoy meeting up with athletes for a casual workout when the opportunity presents itself.  I also provide personal training and one-on-one workouts as an additional service.     

How long is coaching?

The length of time to train for an event will vary depending on the length or difficulty of the event, your current level of fitness, past injury history, experience level, and other factors. I work with many athletes year-round as transformation and growth happen well outside of the actual build-up to an event.  

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, if you are paying month to month you can cancel with 30-days notice.  6 and 12-month plans are generally non-refundable unless there is a major life change. 

How do I pay?

Payments should be made in advance of receiving your training plan for the upcoming month. Payments can be set up through auto-pay or you can pay directly via check or Venmo.  You will receive an invoice monthly that provides options. 

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