Believe me, I get it.  It’s incredibly challenging to balance it all. 

I am a lot like you. I am a parent, a wife, a full-time business owner and an endurance athlete.  

I have found a flexible system that works, and I want to share what I have learned with you.

A solid plan, structure, communication and flexibility allows me to balance my professional and endurance goals with my most important job – taking care of my family.

My core value is family. Whether it’s how I coach or how I tackle my own time. Family is first. My three amazing kids and my husband, Ben, always come first. But with a smart approach, I can do it all. 

I can help you do the same.

Our Mission and Vision


To provide safe and effective guidance that allows athletes to maintain family and life obligations while achieving their athletic dreams. 


For running, cycling and triathlon to be fun, safe and accessible for athletes of all ages and abilities. To provide a supportive and encouraging environment where athletes can make their reach their goals without sacrificing other valuable areas of their lives.

Our Guiding Principals: FAMILY


We will help athletes set goals and follow a science-backed process to improve their performance. 


We will provide guidance so athletes find synergy with their family, work and training obligations. 


We will provide honest feedback and set micro-goals so athletes remain motivated and engaged in the training process. 


We will educate athletes so they feel empowered and confident on race day and throughout their training. 


We will equip athletes with valuable tools to carry through their athletic careers that help foster efficient time and energy management habits. 


We believe that every athlete is an individual with a unique history and goals.  It is our job to listen to that athlete to be able to understand them and make a plan and program that is best for them. 

Find your Balance, Crush your Goals, Enjoy the Journey. 
Science-backed endurance coaching is a click away.